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Which Macronutrient Should be Limited for Weight Loss Goals

I think this subject, of which macronutrient should be limited from the diet to get great weight loss results is of great confusion to many people. Let me clear some things as I have studied this for a long time. People think fat should be limited, well, because it contains fat! Many people think carbs, because carbs are high in sugar and lead to weight gain. Some people think high protein diets are the key, because high protein creates lean muscle and burns fat. So, what’s the truth?

These are all correct, in a sense, but they are the WRONG FOCUS and completely the WRONG APPROACH!!!

Good fat is great for sustaining energy when we are not that active and also for moderate energy levels needed when exercising. This can get really scientific, so I don’t want to get too far into the weeds with fat, because it can get confusing. However, a good rule of thumb is limit foods high in cholesterol and saturated fat. So, eat good fats.

Second, carbohydrates are essential for the central nervous system, and fiber is amazing for gut health. So, the focus should be on eating higher fiber foods and complex carbohydrates. So, this means limit sweets and processed foods.

Carbohydrates also help with higher intensity training, which actually benefits with cutting overall weight and fat around the body!!!! Remember, I’m not saying to go eat ice cream and pasta to improve fitness performance; this is also not a good approach.

Lastly, we have protein. I’m just going to say this. Most of us, including myself, are not full time athletes and body builders. So, let’s just put the protein shakes and powders away. If anything, this type of supplementation adds more calories and too much protein actually is hard on the kidneys. I once had a first sergeant in the Army that would say, “You’re just paying for expensive urine by drinking the extra protein!” I loved when he said this. And he was well below 10% body fat and did not use supplements, and he looked like a body builder. In fact, many trainers I have come across actually just eat a balanced diet and don’t limit any of their macronutrients.

So, let’s keep it simple.

Instead, we want to eat all macronutrients to include fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Don’t focus on “macros”. Instead, focus on eating healthier overall; and for weight loss, focus should be put towards your calorie deficit while still eating healthy.

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