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Ways to Fight Fatigue

Over the past week talking to people, one similar issue I hear is that many people feel fatigued. When I started asking questions and dived deeper I heard a lot of commonalities. People tell me they’re not exercising at all. Another common theme is that their nutrition is off, more junk food and binge eating. Stress was another common trait I’ve heard over the week.

Of course all these factors will not help with meeting overall wellness and even weight loss goals. First off, the sedentary lifestyle is one of the most detrimental factors I see most common with creating unforeseen and undesired effects on the mind and body. Exercising weekly is a must in this area, at least three times a week or more.

Processed foods will make you feel slow and drain your energy. We all should indulge, but there has to be moderation and the majority of the day should consist of eating wholesome foods. The wholesome food you pick should be ones you love and making food selections more habitual.

Sleep is extremely important. I can’t tell you how many times I’m talking to someone and find that they are completed stressed and miserable/irritable, then later in the conversation I find that individuals are getting around 3-5 hours of sleep. This will not make you feel like a million bucks. At least 7-8 hours should be a priority to feel amazing.

Drinking sufficient water is of great debate. Believe it or not, there is no complete and best answer to this. I will say to listen to your body. If your mouth is dry, this is a signal that you need water. Also, I have always used the urine hydration test. When urine is dark in color, the body is dehydrated. When urine is lighter in color, the body is more hydrated. If clear, way too much hydration is taking place.

Lastly stress! Maybe the most important! First, we have to take care of ourselves and love ourselves before we can be of any help to others. Not to mention distress can cause weight gain over time. Personally, I love to laugh and joke with my family even though they find me annoying, but this works for me. I also love to watch sitcoms, they help me relax and feel great. Yoga and meditation are also good things to implement. Overall, we have to live and laugh.

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