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How to Continuously Get Results!

When it comes to getting results in your fitness and weight loss journey, there is one thing that I know for sure will get you results every time no matter what. And this is….JUST SHOW UP!

Once you have a vision or goal in place, the next step is not to overthink it or wonder if you have the right yoga pants on or if your shoes have the best arch support. If we worry about these things being perfect, then we will never get out there to see any results. In other words, we have to focus on the thing that gets results.

Simply put, ACTION is what creates RESULTS!

This is why when beginning (or even starting again) any fitness or weight loss journey, it’s more important to just SHOW UP every day no matter what. Of course, you need your rest days too. But, the important factor here is to create habits.

As an example, it snowed near my house yesterday and I wasn't sure I wanted to go run on the trails to get my cardio in. So, I showed up, started running and noticed how beautiful the snow and landscape was...and it was awesome and I had a great time!

There are going to be times when it sucks, or you don’t feel like it, or you’re down…these things happen to EVERYONE, no matter who you are. But, despite these factors, if you continuously show up to your fitness regimens, you WILL SEE RESULTS.

The great thing about always showing up, even when you’re not feeling it or there are obstacles, is you usually find that you have fun anyway and it is beneficial to you either mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc.!

This week, simply show up to whatever goal you have and see how GREAT you feel by the end of the week. Just show up!

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