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Full Body Workout At Home - No Equipment Needed

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Here is a really good full body workout. This workout will really get your upper body, lower body, and core in shape and strengthen all areas.

Here is the workout:

· 15-20 push-ups (if running out of juice, then drop to your knees and finish out….also, dropping to your knees can be used as the modification if you cannot complete full push-ups at this time)

· 10-15 diamond push-ups (close hands, or complete with modified version)

· 15 dips (use chair for support)

· 15 squat jumps

· 10 lateral lunges each leg, right and left side

· 10 spider-man mountain climbers

· 10 plank ups

· 12 bicycle crunches, 6 crunches each side

· Rest for 15-30 seconds, and then complete 2 more circuits (sets)

If a given exercise begins to become too much, then drop the given exercise by 2 reps.

Play video for exercise examples.

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