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Don’t Deprive Yourself, Indulge!

Hey Everyone!

One thing that I haven’t really shared with you all is that I fall off track with my nutrition quite often! But, here’s the thing…I truly believe that we should not deprive ourselves. So, I make sure that I enjoy some of the simpler things in life that I know are not the best for me.

As you guys can see, I too, love to grab a bucket of French fries when I get a chance. I know that it’s not the best for me, but I have realized through my own journey in fitness, nutrition, and maintaining my weight that I have to enjoy the things that make me happy as well. Also, one bad snack or meal is not going to set me completely behind or off track. And one bad meal doesn’t make me unhealthy. This is key!

Here are a couple of tips I use that may help if you also want to indulge in the not so great foods, but also stay on track with your goals. First, I stay on track for most of the day, and I “cheat” most often. I love chocolate and lattes, and sometimes I consume these items daily! And, I mean daily! The reason I can stay on track with my goals is that for the majority of the day I focus on more wholesome and plant-based foods. This is because these foods are usually lower in calories, and with a little bit of spices, I can consume a large amount of plant-based foods.

Second, I focus on my physical activity levels. I know if I eat really badly and I get off track on my nutrition, I then focus my attention on enhancing my fitness levels. For instance, I may perform an extra workout or HIIT (high intensity interval training) routine that will get me back on track.

I never deprive myself. I want to be healthy, but also happy! And being healthy and happy is finding a good balance. What guilty foods do you guys like to indulge in? What makes you happy?

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