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Dealing With Setbacks

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

So instead of losing 1-2 pounds in a week, you gain 1-2 pounds in a week, so what do you do?! Oh gosh, this is horrible, right?

Actually, no.

First, let me just say that it is completely normal to have weeks where we fall off target and have a setback. Unfortunately, this can be hard to deal with mentally because we are expecting one thing, but then the opposite occurs.

The main three ways to deal with this is:

1. Always celebrate your past or current small/big wins. For instance, perhaps you have a setback for this week, but overall you have lost 5 pounds, or 20 pounds. These are still big wins! If just starting out, then you're still learning and that's fine too.

2. If your mind starts to turn to a negative spiral, then stop your thoughts from continuing down this path. Instead think of the progress you have already made or you are about to make. Also, remember that you are still learning and understanding more about what works and what doesn’t. Remember, we are all human.

3. Try to figure out where the extra weight has come from. Check your waistline by using measuring tape, for instance. Also, check to see how your pants fit. Are they loose or tight? If loose, then the gain is not likely from your waistline. Perhaps muscle gain then, so have you been implementing more resistance training in your routines?

All of us, no matter who we are, will fall off track at some point. Even I, as a fitness and weight loss coach, gain a pound or two (sometimes more! Oops, should I be admitting this?) at times. The most important thing is how we deal with the setback. If you fall, just remember to dust yourself off and get right back on the horse. If we do this, we go forward; any other way is backwards, right.

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