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Are You Drinking Your Calories

When it comes to the beverages we drink every day, it can be surprising the impact some of our choices can make over a day, or even an entire week. For instance, if we look at the left side of the photo we can see that drinking all those sugary drinks can add up to 580 calories. If we were to drink beverages like this every day, we could easily gain 1 pound a week just from these beverages alone.

However, when we start to look at beverages that are lower in calories, the impact would not be as surprising at the end of the week. Just by changing the way we decide which beverage to drink during the day can aid us in managing our weight, and if used to enhance weight loss goals, we can simply alter our beverage choices to start cutting weight.

But, we also don’t want to deprive ourselves either. If we deprive ourselves, then we’ll just end up going on an eating spree later on, and this is not what we want. Instead, we could choose one indulgent a day, for instance, and then choose to drink water for the rest of the day. This way we don’t deprive ourselves.

The whole key is to indulge, to be happy, but also use in moderation. If we don’t use in moderation, we will not be happy with ourselves in the long run with our goals.

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