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10 Minute Weight Loss Workout

I remember doing similar exercises when I was in the military. The great aspect about circuit training is it gets your body going in both pillars of exercise training…resistance training and aerobic training. Plus, there is the other aspect that is even greater…enhancing weight loss goals. Circuit training is so great that, if used the right way, we can really use it to enhance our weight loss goals.

Another aspect I love about short bouts of circuit style training is it can be done in short periods of time. This is amazing for those who have very little free time to exercise but still want to get desired results. These workouts are great for people that simply don’t have the spare time to incorporate hours on end in the gym. And these workouts are great for simply performing in the comfort of your own home. Guess what! These workouts can also be done with the family…to make it fun!

I always use this same style workout in my own routine for getting enhanced results. These workouts can really increase metabolic pathways to maintain weight. This is one of the main reasons I use similar workouts such as the one in this post.

I challenge you do perform this workout at least two times this week. But remember to conduct this workout at your own pace, because these workouts can really get your heart rate up. Let me know in the comments below if you plan to use this workout to enhance your weight loss goals.

Here is the workout:

2-3 Sets (At your own pace)

10 Burpees (or modified)

25 Mountain Climbers

10 Jump Squats

10 Sit Ups

25-40 Jumping Jacks

15 High Knees/Running in Place

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