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Hi, my name is Rich. If anyone were to ask who I am, I would say that I am a person that loves fitness, loves spending time with my family, and I absolutely love being outdoors. I enjoy hiking on trails and trying new exercise routines that may show me a different outlook on my own personal endeavors. I absolutely love hanging out with my girlfriend and daughter at the local parks and just taking in nature. One last thing I love...I love helping and teaching other people! 


My Vision

I started this website and my programs to help others discover a better way of living and to reach better health. And, I believe this can be achieved by what I like to call "building your foundation". This means once you realize the behaviors and everyday choices you make, you can curve these behaviors and choices to enhance your health and wellbeing.  

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My Story

Years ago when I started my own fitness, nutrition, and weight loss journey, I realized I was really starting to go down a road I didn't want to continue. While I was in the military, I usually weighed around 180-185 lbs. However, over time I became super stressed, stopped exercising, and ate everything in sight, I gained nearly 15-20 lbs just from letting myself go. However, I took notice of my situation, studied and researched all I could about fitness, nutrition, and stress, and started to become more consistent with my routines. During this time, I was also rock climbing with my brother, and we decided to enhance our efforts.  

When I Helped Coach My Brother

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Years ago when I got out of the military, I started to spend more time with my brother. It was such a great time, we were both continuing with our college courses, so we had some time to start picking up rock climbing. However, my brother also wanted to lose some unwanted lbs. My brother started to confide in me and during that time, I started to coach him in the areas of enhancing fitness and nutrition levels to optimize his own weight loss goals. As can be shown in the photos above, my brother put in a lot of work and stayed consistent with his efforts. It's so amazing to see the transformation when a person is able to optimize their nutrition and fitness routines! My brother was able to go from about 245 lbs at his highest to now about 185 lbs.   

Fitness Equipments

Don't Wait Any Longer, Start Creating Your Foundation Today!

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